We offer a wide range of services related to the implementation and maintenance of OTRS.

Implementation of OTRS

We implement OTRS systems in companies and organisations of different sizes in a comprehensive manner.

  • We analyse requirements to select the solution that fits best and to appropriately plan the course of the implementation process
  • We prepare the deployment environment, and install and configure OTRS
  • We carry out data migration from other trouble ticket systems
  • We integrate OTRS with other solutions used in an enterprise (e.g. LDAP directory services or Active Directory)
  • We carry out tests to verify the correct operation of the system, its efficiency, and security
  • We provide training for users and administrators of the newly implemented system

Customisation of OTRS

We tailor OTRS to the specific needs of a company and its internal business processes.

  • We extend the capabilities of OTRS through the use of additional modules, providing features not present in the basic system
  • We adapt the user interface to make it easier and more efficient for the users
  • We modify the internal mechanisms of the system to achieve higher consistency with the processes used in the organisation
  • We develop custom software which enables advanced integration with other IT systems


We organise training for OTRS users as part of the system implementation process in an organisation, and also as a separate course.

We offer training for different groups of users depending on their use of the system:

  • End users
  • Agents
  • Administrators

We provide training materials and install the system in a test environment for use during the course. We have our own training room in our offices in Łódź.

Other consulting services

  • We provide advice and assistance in the implementation and management of OTRS systems
  • We perform updates and configuration changes in existing installations of OTRS
  • We carry out audits and tests of existing installations to assess their configuration, performance, and security
  • We organise presentations showcasing the features and capabilities of OTRS