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We implement ((OTRS)) Community Edition in Help Desk, IT, HR, Accounting and other departments from start to finish.

A ticket system for companies of all sizes – from small businesses to the enterprise sector. Get updates, integrations, business process modeling, ongoing support, and ((OTRS)) Community Edition training.

Help Desk System

Automate customer service, as well as IT, HR, accounting and other processes. Use ready‑made, configurable processes in the ((OTRS)) Community Edition ticket system. Ensure that you always have a complete overview of requests and reports. On any device with Internet access.

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Help Desk System

CTI. Phone integration

Transfer telephone customer service to ((OTRS)) Community Edition. Feel the difference in request processing thanks to functions, such as automatic caller recognition, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and call logging.

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CTI. Phone integration

ITSM. IT Service Management

Get a complete Service Desk IT system with OTRS::ITSM. Make use of predefined ITIL standard‑compliant processes. Take advantage of functions such as hardware and software database (CMDB), change management, event management, and monitoring.

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ITSM. IT Service Management

Custom features

Do you happen to have non-standard requirements? Our programmers will create and embed new functions in your ((OTRS)) Community Edition, e.g. automatic allocation of requests to agents, importing data from other systems, or integration with mobile applications and geolocation.

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Custom features

((OTRS)) Community Edition training

Learn to get the most of ((OTRS)) Community Edition so that your business can become even more efficient. Learn advanced system configuration and automation skills to implement new business processes on your own and save your team valuable time. We provide training for your employees on‑site or online.

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((OTRS)) Community Edition training


Are you planning to implement ((OTRS)) Community Edition? We will help you collect requirements, develop business processes, and select the right technical solutions.
Are you already using ((OTRS)) Community Edition? We will take care of maintenance and updates to make the system perform in line with your business goals.

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Our Skills

We boast 10 years of practical experience with ((OTRS)) Community Edition and business processes, programming in both Perl and JavaScript, as well as Internet technology proficiency and training competences.

By choosing us, you can be certain that we will bring everything you expect of a professional ((OTRS)) Community Edition partner to the table. We are standing by to become your partner anytime.

((OTRS)) Community Edition Ticket System Customisation
Business Process Development
((OTRS)) Community Edition End-user Training
ITIL. Best practices for IT Service Management

Why Choose Us?

Your Polish ((OTRS)) Community Edition implementation partner. 20 years of experience in the IT industry.
Our dedicated team of developers – experts in ((OTRS)) Community Edition and business processes – are ready to assist you.

A mind focused on business

We will develop business processes at your company and make sure they are reflected in the ((OTRS)) Community Edition system. We will increase the cost-effectiveness of your Help Desk, IT Service Desk, HR and Accounting departments.

We utilize a holistic approach

We will integrate any software with your ((OTRS)) Community Edition, including CRM, warehouse and monitoring software, as well as e-mail servers, telephone exchanges and social media. We will handle long-term system and server maintenance as well.

We employ an individual approach

We will build tailored ((OTRS)) Community Edition extensions, including ones for surveys, custom processes and performance reports. We will adapt the system even to the most unique needs of your business.

Our team of programmers is ready to help you

Our developers have extensive experience in ((OTRS)) Community Edition, Perl and JavaScript and are super-sensitive to both data security issues and abiding by ITIL best practices. They will take care of all your software needs – regardless of how complex they are.

Key Members

Business consultants, Perl programmers, ((OTRS)) Community Edition instructors.
Meet the team that has been implementing Help Desk systems in both Polish and foreign companies for 10 years.

Team of OTRS Experts - Centuran Consulting - Michał Wojciechowski
Michał WojciechowskiChief Executive Officer, Chief Technology Officer

Software architect and strategist. Expert in corporate IT solutions. Programmer with experience working on 200 projects.

Team of OTRS Experts - Centuran Consulting - Jakub Opara
Jakub OparaChief Financial Officer

Analytics and complex integration expert. Programmer specializing in business process modeling and implementation. ((OTRS)) Community Edition instructor.

Team of OTRS Experts - Centuran Consulting - Bartłomiej Kłak
Bartłomiej KłakProject Manager, Systems Analyst

Project Manager responsible for business process optimization using ((OTRS)) Community Edition. Systems and custom add‑ons designer.

Adam Parysz
Adam ParyszIT Director at Wydawnictwo Bauer Sp. z o.o.

“Wydawnictwo Bauer is a part of Bauer Media Group – Europe's largest magazine publisher. Centuran Consulting helped us automate our cost allocation process using ((OTRS)) Community Edition, which required integrating data with an ERP system. The Centuran team correctly identified our needs and recommended us the right solutions. We have also received detailed documentation from the audit.“

Aleksandra Pietruczuk
Aleksandra PietruczukTransaction Process Director at Impel Business Solutions

“As BPO pioneers, we believe in outsourcing specialized tasks to external experts. Centuran proved to be an excellent choice in this role. They helped us replace group e‑mail inboxes with a convenient ticketing system, enabling us to handle 2500+ e‑mails a day. They were also able to help us customize the new system by adding several new features, including thousands of message filters.”

Andy Manning
Andy ManningBrand Director at UK2 (a THG company)

“We found their services to be very effective and they conducted themselves in accordance with best practices and maintained excellent communication throughout the project.”

Tomasz Ćwikliński
Tomasz ĆwiklińskiIT Manager at ManpowerGroup

“An important aspect of the cooperation was very high flexibility, openness and understanding of our needs. We definitely recommend Centuran Consulting as a reliable technological partner.”

Free Consultation. No Strings Attached.

Whether you need to implement a Help Desk system, update your ((OTRS)) Community Edition, organize your business processes or automate your support department – look no further. Tell us what your business needs are today.

Ask Us Anything

Contact us today! We will advise you, provide a demo version of the ((OTRS)) Community Edition system, as well as present custom system functions – online or on-site.

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