Is your company's OTRS system GDPR-compliant?

The General Data Protection Regulation becomes effective on 25 May 2018

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an EU regulation which imposes a range of requirements on companies and organisations regarding the collection and processing of personal data.

We can adapt your OTRS help desk and IT service management systems to meet the GDPR requirements

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We offer comprehensive services related to the entire process of adapting to the GDPR requirements:

We assess your needs

  • We analyse how and what kinds of personal data are processed by OTRS and other applications used in your company
  • We determine the processes which need adapting to the GDPR requirements

We create a plan of action

  • We design the technical solutions necessary to meet your needs
  • We also propose changes to the existing processes related to personal data processing

We apply the solutions

  • We implement the necessary changes to OTRS configuration
  • We build additional modules responsible for those functionalities that are missing
  • We develop mechanisms dedicated to your company’s particular need

We share our knowledge

  • We provide you with the documentation on the solutions we implement, as well as our recommendations regarding any further actions related to personal data processing
  • We conduct training sessions for your employees

Why choose us?

  • We have more than 5 years’ experience implementing, integrating, and customising OTRS-based solutions
  • We possess a wealth of knowledge on data processing and security in web applications
  • Our team members have completed certified GDPR training programmes

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